Adsense Arbitrage

by Amine Boukheir 4 replies
I need some advice and learn more about this??
#ad networks (cpm/cpl, display) #adsense #arbitrage
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    Adsense Arbitrage
    It's a fantasy that will never happen.

    You have no idea If you'll get an Adsense click and what that click will pay. Therefore, buying traffic for the sake of Adsense is a fail.
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    It will work fine, for a while, until your websites are blocked in Adwords.
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    Where are you planning on buying traffic from?
    Many people did this YEARS ago, but I'm pretty sure this is more or less dead now.
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    Most of the paid traffic will not work with Google -clicks will counting but at the end of month all will be mark as invalid

    Use organic traffic and make more SEO
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