Linking to a specific offer in CPVLab with Lead Campaign?

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Hi all. Ok, I've got an interesting problem with CPVLab.

I've got a Lead Gen campaign set up that has no thank you page and two offers.

I've got the lead page set up as a survey, and the survey splits the user into male or female segments and displays results based on the answers.

The offers in the campaign are two eBooks - one written for women, the other for men. Since there is no thank you page, I won't be using a base2.php, but sending them to base3.php.

Once the user opts-in, they get their results and the download link looks something like this:

http://my-cpvlab-tracking/base3.php?id=XX&adsub=1 where "XX" is the ID of whatever offer the user should get - 10 for women, and 20 for men.

So instead of split testing the offers, I actually need the ability to send that user to the targeted offer.

What I'm finding is that even if I'm passing the ID of the offer, CPVLab is ignoring that and still split testing the offers.

How can I force CPVLab to link to the offer that the user should get? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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