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Hey warriors,

One of my New Years resolutions was to help 3 people achieve the success they're looking for this year. I'm talking being instrumental in their success.

I've always found Warrior Forum helpful, but I feel like people are just interested in "tactics" rather than sticking with a skill and mastering it. This takes 1000's of hrs. I feel like I fell in love with PPC/media buying and paid traffic from day 1, so I stuck with it despite losing around $13k running tests and getting scammed.

Over time, I have a good feel for who to work with and what traffic sources are straight up scams...and I'm usually right....because I've focused for the last 5 years on paid traffic sources. I feel like I should be more of a partner to newbies and folks just not quite getting there in terms of net profits and cash in the bank. By doing this and teaching, I feel I will further develop my own skills.

I do a lot of paid traffic to CPA offers. Hopefully I can be of assistance here.

Thanks for reading!
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