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Hello Folks,

I am new to Warrior Forum and CPA Marketing and amazed to see the response from senior players here on any post.

I have created a sample landing page about Payday loans offers.

Can you guys check it out and suggest me out of your years of experience and knowledge some things that should be improved for this particular site and also things to keep in mind in general?

I believe, it would help a lot of new comers like me to get started.

Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Vasu,

    Since you have asked us to critique the site, I'll be honest in my assessment.

    The first thing I noticed, are the fake testimonials at the bottom of the page. The users look too attractive and are clearly stock images.

    Also, the actual testimonials smelt fake: " is really a savage.".

    There is no-way someone would want to be lent cash from a 'savage'!

    I'm not an affiliate pro, but I'm sure those on WF that are, will tell you that good copywriting = conversions.

    You should reevaluate the copy on your landing page. The page currently reads as "I'll give you money no matter what!" - wherein, people will think to themselves:

    "If it's too good to be true, it probably is".

    I use a tool called Hemingway to compose copy, others have had success with Grammarly - try rewording your copy to not sound like you're handing everyone a Rolls Royce (FOR FREE!!!!).

    Hope this helps?

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    Thank you very very much. I'll keep all these things in mind.

    If you have anything else to say about it, please.

    I appreciate your great efforts in taking out time from your busy schedule and write your suggestions.
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    Helo Vasu,

    You are creating landing page of Payday loans offers, so you must create content, url and H1 all related to this keyword.I think this would help you

    Digital marketing freelancer maintaining USA business email list database portal.And research and update weekly so that data must be accurate

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      Thanks for your help.
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      Hello CB58,

      Thanks for taking time and replying the thread.

      I think your idea of keeping an eye on your competitors is great.

      Do you know any competitors in this industry who are doing well and successful?

      Actually I am new to this and thus don't know who they are and where to find them.

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