Anyone use Blogger for CPA?

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to cpa. I have about 5 accts with different companies. So far I have set up 2 sites with a gateway on each. Both sites were approved by my cpa co. These 2 sites are . coms.

Now I am looking at other ways to put up mini sites to promote cpa offers. IE-I don't want to buy a dotcom for every **** offer out there.It would be pretty expensive.

Is there anyone that uses Blogger for this purpose? Does it work? Can you offer any tips or suggestions?

Also for promotion of the blogger blog, I was thinking of a simple 30 sec video uploaded to youtube and articles submitted to Articlebase, then Social bookmark, rss submit, and directory submit.

Do you think this would draw much traffic?

Thanks in advance.
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    I have seen some websites using Blogger, but most of them I see are for affiliate products, its easy, and free. The downside is if big Google does not like it, close you down in a hurry, so all your work is lost forever!
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    It is not recommended using blogger..these days hosting is so cheap..get one and play with CPA with no fear......
    I have launched New WordPress theme's Themelocation
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    I use blogger for some of my cpa offers amd they are doing fine
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    I'm using blogger for my cpa and every month i get income from that.
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    I wouldn't use blogger for CPA offers directly, but many people have had success in setting up a link wheel involving blogger or other web 2.0 site. It can help get traffic to your CPA website and make your CPA website look more legit from a search engine's perspective.
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    I use blogger as well as any other place I can put up some text promoting an offer. One thing is if you do this thne make sure you point links back to a domain on your server with a redirect so if the CPA program does not convert well or it goes away then you can change your offer in a single location. Saves a lot of time and helps to protect your work some if for some reason you get a blogger blog deleted. Just don't put a lot of ones on the same topic under the same account.

    Your traffic ideas will work out fine as long as you targeted the long tail which I'm sure you are doing anyway.



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