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I do not have a Google AdSense account (banned). What are the best current alternatives to AdSense ?

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    I do not use any ad networks on my sites. But, I have noticed quite a few people are using native ads as a alternative to adsense. just google native ad networks there are quite a few listed


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    What type of site do you have I would forget adsense and just get you site ranked on google in the top 10 spots google let me now what your doing so I can give correct advice what type of budget do you have to work with.
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    4 years ago I had to take AdSense off some of my sites. I just cut direct deals with the sites in my niche who had their own affiliate schemes. I've made pretty good money from them. The best one doesn't even advertise their affiliate scheme, but a quick email to them found out they did actually have a scheme.

    To display the ads I rolled my own version of AdSense. It takes the URL they're visiting plus the IP address converted to their country and then I serve up some appropriate ads. So if a scheme only pays for French visitors, then only visitors from France will see that particular ad.
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    I recommended on another thread here about a pop network called Ad Maven, I highly recommend to try their pop under, it generates very nice rates.
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  • I recommend, if you have good traffic on your website then you may go for the affiliate tool. From there you can earn good as compared to the Google AdSense. There are many offers which is being offered by the Affiliate, from impression to sale and from lead to customer acquisition.
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  • Profile picture of the author expmrb for CPC and Exponential (formerly Tribal Fusion) for CPM are best alternatives. But these ad networks work great if your traffic is from North American and European traffic.
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    A good combination that works for me is popunder ad from Ad Maven and native ads from Taboola, both generates very high revenues.
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