Making money through Google Adsense in the Indian subcontinent

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I live in the Indian subcontinent ,Bangladesh to be specific and design websites as a form of passion . I own a few websites and am currently working on a few more. My current interest is that I working on a greeting website. After talking to a few people here in this forum and them suggesting to me that I should give my greetings stuff for free and try to monetize the web site in other ways, I thought I would give google adsense a try .Basically I am trying to make my greeting website well known to people, let people have them for free and built a customer base. I also have a few other web sites I want to work on and try to monetize them

I read somewhere that in this part of the world it's not easy to make money from Google Adsense. Can anybody give me any idea about this especially for those of you who are living in the Indian subcontinent like Pakistan , Sri Lanka, Bangladesh ,India ?

Is there any factor with the region/location or does it all depend on traffic no matter where we live ?
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    It'a all an issue of where the traffic is coming from. If you live in Bangladesh but all your traffic is from US then you'll get very good rates.
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    If your traffic is from the subcontinent then I'm afraid to say that you will struggle to monetise. CPMs for those users are substantially lower than US/UK/CA/AU, because those users are not as wealthy, and they have more barriers in the way to prevent them from buying things online.

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    No matter where you live but from which keywords you using and from which country traffic coming that is main matter. if you choose high CPC keywords that is better. if you need any help regarding that we are here to help you can knock me anytime
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