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hello evry one.
i have a probleme wth cpalead.com website i cant get in it's says DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
i trayed a lot of solution lake changing the dns and some comands in CMD but nothing !
the same probleme for some others sites.
and i have a good internet connetion wifi and all the sites work prefectly
but some sites as cpalead and others few one's NO.
I site work on my phone and it open perfeclty but in my other computer the same probleme !
please help me cause i'm tired of fake solution ...
+ i'm working by chrome but the same probleme for firfoxe.....
thank you
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    Flush your DNS:

    Click Start.
    Enter cmd in the Start menu search text box.
    Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
    Run the following command: ipconfig /flushdns.
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    (I'm sorry for asking it here but this form don't allow me to post anything as a thread)
    Can you still make good money through CPAlead?
    I don't know what's wrong but the internet is filled with different reviews of cpalead some says they pay very well 10/10, Some says they are totally scam.What is truth? How much do you earn per day? Are they scaming new members? I think they are scaming new members like me.I've two leads from Australia but the earning is 0.$10 only.I asked the support and they say that the earning might be PPC but I've no website to generate clicks!!!. If they are scam then what other network do you recommend? Thanks in advance!
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      I'd love to discuss this further with you on how you were promoting to see what may be happening, though this likely would be revenue from clicks that is coming in.

      I assure you we are not scam (never have been) any the other publishers stating this are ones that have tried to scam the system and post on forums to have payment made in return to remove their postings.

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        I was having account in CPA lead from last 2 year but never tried to promote their offer. But from last month i thought to give it a try.. as i have website that ranking well in google so i used their content locking.. As my traffic was real and targeted i started getting lead with less traffic..
        Now i started making $2 and some time less than $1 but as i was testing in small area within my website not in full section. But after making $12.5 USD around they just blocked my account without letting me know via any email...

        I tried to contact after 2 emails and 2 days i got their email back with just one line
        "There were some large concerns with clicks/traffic coming in and due to these further access may not be available."

        After that i just sent them 3 email asking them to tell me whats wrong in traffic quality because i know i did all real work and getting visitor from google search and user want my service for free than they have to complete offer. which is under their term and condition.

        But its been 4 working days they dont like to even reply.. i tried to comment on their CPAlead facebook fanpage but they blocked me from commenting as well LOL.

        its not about money its about how they deal their publisher..

        i giving some screen shot as well.

        I also using peerfly, and maxbounty and you can understand that other cpa traffic needs high quality they reply back faster so as per my experience. I must suggest better to stay away from CPA lead as they dont even like to reply to your question and emails.
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          after posting on forums now i got reply that is really bad if you just care about your self. if had not posted here you was going to avoid me..

          But after my experience i must suggest other user to dont promote their offer. there are other platform as well go and talk with them.
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    Justin, does CPA Lead still allow offers to be incentivized in anyway or have you moved out of that business now?
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      Yes! We still offer this on our publisher platform, please let me know if you have any further questions on getting started!

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