Any tracking solution for Facebook + Clickbank vendor?

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Right now, this is the real NIGHTMARE.

Does anyone know how can an Clickbank vendor track sales from Facebook?

For a few days now, Im desperately trying to track my sales/transaction on a Clickbank and Im driving traffic from Facebook. I'm using Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager, but none of these are giving me correct data.

Did anyone have similar problem?

While I was affiliate, tracking was easy. I used TID at the end of my affiliate link, something like this:

Campaign 1 ===> www.
Campaign 2 ===> www.
Campaign 3 ===> www.

And if there was a few sales, I would easy determine winner just looking at the TID column in Clickbank Reporting sections.

Yes, I know, this is simple and primitive way to track, but it did a fine job, because the Clickbank always shows EXACT number of sales and I always know If Im making or losing money. Simple, yet effective.

Over the years, I used many tracking solutions, from Prosper202 to Voluum, but this simple overview was giving the best insight about winning campaign.

So, the question is: is there a way to track which Ad Set on Facebook made a sale on a Clickbank. Is there a way to set up VTID (vendor TID) and track which Ad Set is making money directly at Clickbank Reporting TID column?

Or is there any tracking solution that actually works?

Please, help me to end this madness.

Thank you!

P.S. Opening a new account as affiliate and track sales that way is not an option.
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