Very Unique Flog Promoting CPA Products - Gotta check this

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I just came across this fake blog (fake testimonials etc..) which promotes 2 CPA products (****).

I bet this guy is making a killing because any non-IM person will easily fall for this.

Oh, and this guy's website get's a LOT of traffic from media buys.

Here is the site:

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    LOL yea I love the "300 workout" flogs, not very unique but I'm sure they convert very well. According to quantcast the site gets 130,000 visitors per month so they must be doing well.
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    sweet, i like the was it was put accross... you could learn from this... one mistake though..... he didnt build a list from the traffic
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    Hahah wow, personally I dont use flogs, but that guy is making a killing. Thanks for the share
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      Definitely convincing for a non-IMer. Good landing page includes all the pages to make it look legit in the eyes of Google such as the privacy, terms and FAQ. Well-written.

      Same pages, different domains:
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    What a scammer.

    Sure he's making cash but he's screwing people out of their money in the process. Not a smart thing to be doing in the long run.
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    His GEO IP script is messed up.

    The right side says san jose,ca and the main page says los angeles...

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    If you are comfortable promoting this way then do it...if not, then dont.

    Just remember that money isnt the most important thing in life. Being able to sleep at night is a lot more important to me and having to worry about getting caught and FTC consequences is not good for sleeping well.

    Flogs erk me because it has consequences that extend well beyond the flow world and affects the whole industry. CPA is a great business model for all parties assuming deception and fraud are left out.
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    Flogs are actually nothing new, they are on the way out too! FTC is coming in
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    Not lame at all, there is a reason people use these things, it's cause they work.
    Of course, yes the FTC is on the prowl, so maybe you don't quite want to do the FLOG thing. But there are elements in that flog, you SHOULD be using.

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    Originally Posted by KC-Coop View Post

    I would have to agree with you here.
    It's so strange that anyone would say this. After all, you make the page so that people will see it. You advertise it everywhere, then you call it lame when somebody says "Hey, look at this page." What a weird philosophy. You can see my page everywhere, but you're not suppose to tell anyone that you saw it? Huh? Now tracking the person down, that's wrong or outing as you put it. Simply saying to your fellow warriors, "Hey look at what I found" is not wrong, it's called sharing. And sharing is how we learn around here.
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