How Much Can You Realistically Make From One Campaign On Bing Ads?

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From experience, either 1st or 2nd hand, what type of money can be made from a single campaign on Bing Ads?

I know results vary and largely depend on the niche. But I remember the days of being able to put up a simple landing page on Adwords, drilling down on a few targeted high-quality keywords, and raking in over $10K per month.

I've had moderate success with Bing Ads, but the traffic just doesn't seem to be there. And this is with a large list of keywords, a great CTR, and high page quality scores.

I rarely see anyone bragging about making BIG BUCKS off Bing Ads alone.

So can y'all just float some numbers out there that you have either done or seen with Bing Ads on a single successful campaign? Thanks.
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    The thing is that Google dominates the search space and with Android getting more popular it will only grow. Bing is still a good source but if you want quantity then it is not the right place but I think the quality is better on BingAds.
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