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hy Any idea how to get my CPC below 0.01 on facebook ads?
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    FB ads are tricky in the beginning. Either build your page up to at least 5000 followers or have a large ad budget to work with. I'm talking about $50-$100 minimum. One thing that helps for sure is signing up as a business manager. This will get you a FB ads team to help you. I haven't utilized them fully but they email me weekly at the very least.
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    I've struggled with Facebook ads. Any replies would be helpful.
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    you're definitely gonna spend some money. i always run test fb ads with a $5 ad spend per adset. you can run multiple fb ads in an adset.

    check the metrics after 48 - 72 hours to see if you've got a winning combo of targeting, image and ad copy. if not, kill the adset. Setup a new adset and continue testing with different targeting, image, ad copy.

    if successfull, let it run, bump up your ad spend (to 1.5 * previous adset spend) and keep monitoring for another 24 - 48 hours. rinse and repeat....
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      also, whenever possible use the facebook pixel

      test and keep and spend low while testing
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    Things like where you are sending your visitors to can affect pricing too. As mentioned test a few variations with small ad spends and adjust based on the best ones. If possible try to make your ad naturally engaging to that it gets some natural shares and likes too. These "free" interactions can help lower your overall cost
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    Originally Posted by Red Hamilton View Post

    hy Any idea how to get my CPC below 0.01 on facebook ads?
    Not likely. But what are you using it for? Likes? Clicks? Etc?
    Also what country and targeting?
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      I using it for PPE or Clicks
      i'am targeting USA UK Canada And Australia i use 1 AdSet for 1 country.
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  • if you are planning to run fb adds you need to spend more money..than google adds.
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    Originally Posted by Red Hamilton View Post

    hy Any idea how to get my CPC below 0.01 on facebook ads?
    There are a few different theories...but what works for me is I submit very high click through rate images...and put my bid above the highest recommended. All clicks is usually below 5 cents sometimes 1 cent as you mention.


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    One trick I've been trying lately that seems to be working is to pause my ad, wait a few hours and start it back up again. My cost per click dropped from over 20c to 10-15c. It's not a penny, and I'm still testing.
    You may also want to adjust your audience...like only going for people on Android phones, etc. The tighter the niche, usually the lower the cost.
    But it's not always about the cost per click. You need to compare that to how much you're making in the back end.
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    It's all about testing and finding that perfect audience and ad. One thing you can do is test multiple images and see which one will give you the best relevance score which will help with your ads cost. Also you have got to get people clicking on the ad. Depending on your niche certain ads will work better than others. Also difference interest groups like magazines, associations etc. Test each one separately. Learn your audience then start split testing by age, mobile and desktop.

    I create designs for t-shirts, mugs and other print on demand products. I also offer training for Facebook marketing.
    I also have a t-shirt course which covers everything from finding a design to running ads to launching.
    Email me for more info: smartsites+tee@gmail.com

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    CPC to your website under 1 cent in US, CA, UK, AU would be really hard to accomplish if almost impossible. If you're looking to get engagements than yea 1 cent is something you can do but I haven't seen anyone pay a penny for a click to their website in those countries. Only in 3rd world countries you can do that.
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