I need help please - Maxbounty rejected my application twice

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Hi, I Applied for maxbounty twice but they rejected my application, although I have some experience and I told them about that in the "how do you promote offers" box, I also told them I have worked with other CPA networks before, I even called the AM many times but after the 1st rejection he couldn't help me..

What I've missed ?? is there another CPA network with the same quality other than Peerfly ?? PLEASE help me !!
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    What did you tell them about how you are planning on driving traffic to there offers?

    Perhaps try peerfly?
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      I told them that I use bingads and google adwords, and use social media advertising, as well as some of the email lists that I have ,I told them about these topics with details but the downside that I have is not having website.. was that the reason they rejected me ??
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    Hi, not having website may be one of the reasons yes beacuase as an online marketer not having a wabsite or a presence on the net Doesen t sound very professionnal, But Dont Let that affect you there are lots of other good networks, you can try This One G4Offers.
    and Good Luke.
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      hello Margarita
      I've worked with Adworkmedia (which is ranked 6th best CPA right now) and know well about CPA marketing, but I was looking for more premium network that has professional offers and Maxbounty was my goal since I knew about CPA marketing, so how is RunCPA ??
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    Again apply for maxbounty but with careful.
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    Have you actually asked MB what the problem is? You can go above an AM.
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      the AM couldn't help me, he told me that the issue is related to the compliance department now, which have a no-reply email
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  • Well, my partners and I use RunCPA, they have added several new offers recently. Going to test and promote. Do you have a personal website?
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      no I don't have, and I think that was the problem
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