Pennies for Downloads?

by PixTix
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I've an audience that will download weekly mini-ebooks. I've been working out how I can effectively get paid per download without being too annoying to my audience, without (reasonable on my part) risk of corrupting their computers or phones with any viruses.

Not expecting anything crazy, but a few extra dollars per say a thousand downloads a week would be nice.

As of now, I've attractive affiliate ads placed around the pages I create, and in the newsletter that updates them every week that a new download is available. I sell ebooks as well, so there's ads for those, too.

However, I want to know if there's anything I can utilize for every download in case they never click on any ad. Is it possible to earn a few more dollars simply on the download?

How would you make use of people who would be willing to go through 'a few' hoops to get an ebook document? I am going to assume they'll click an extra link, but I don't want them to get lost, and I don't want them to get frustrated every week that they stop downloading.

I'm looking for the most pleasant experience possible.

Pay per link (where a site redirects you to an ad site for a few seconds before moving on to the download location)? Pay per download website? Trying to avoid the ones with endless surveys or ones that are basically scams and don't pay. Even a system of joining a particular Ad Network that these sites use and avoid the middle guy?

Like tell me if you've got readers downloading every week, traffic isn't a problem, you mostly want to make full use of every income angle. Tell me how you would do it.
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    Why not try just a micro membership? Even if it's only 1$/month, it's better than pennies a download. I'd rather pay 1$/month for 4 mini Ebooks from a site I'm loyal to, than pay every download.
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