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Hi Warriors:

Hope all is well today.

I have several Solo Ads questions and am hoping you can give me pretty solid statistics.

As always a large thank you in advance.

1) If you purchase a solo ad from a seller that has a solid reputation (using 100 clicks) what is the return on the dollar you can expect? I do not mean dollars per life of customer, but simply somebody that will purchase a product from the solo ad in 7 days or less.

If we use John Doe spent 100.00 today and has a professionally made website, well optimized with one time offer 20.00, up-sell 100.00, down-sell 10.00 or 70.00, and affiliate offers (200 to 2000.00 dollars).

What is a realistic return on the 100.00 dollar investment?

2) Out of 100 clicks how many people would buy something on the website within 1 week?

3) Is there a good day and a bad day for solo ads to run?

4) If you do well using Mr. Jones Solo Ad Service on the first of the month when is it good to use him again?

5) If you wanted to try a few solo ad sellers does it matter if you used them all on the same day or would you have Mr. Jones on Monday, Mrs. Smith Tuesday, etc?

6) What percentage of refunds should you anticipate? For every 10 sales how many will be refunded?

Thank you and have a great day,
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    Hi Craig,

    The toughest thing about answering your questions is that the answers/outcomes are in full alignment with your personalized, individual expectations/energy, so really, only you can answer the questions.

    At least the first 2 stat questions

    3: I'd focus on early weekday solo ads; when folks are either in a job they dislike, or when checking for the latest and greatest news from your niche (is it IM?), or, earlier in the week when most folks are struggling like hell to address their pain points, or when they are on the lookout for new, helpful information from their niche/interest of choice.

    My solos did better early in the week versus on weekends.

    4: Depends on the size and quality of the list, as well as the content of the ad. Will the email sell the same product? If so, give it a number of months, at best....or, just go with a different solo ad route to diversify your exposure.

    5: I'd stagger, day to day, for less of a quick blitz and more of a building tidal wave.

    6: All depends on the quality of your offering with the quality of the list subscriber. Do they have chedda? Then few or no returns, because they won't fear spending or running out of money. It however the service itself is cheap, it means the solo ad guy/gal is attracting subscribers/sign ups cheaply, and many of those folks are not buying or if they do buy, they will tire kick and return.

    Buy in to premium lists. Pay a healthy fee to access a large, targeted group of buying individuals, who will make your investment well worth it.

    Happy Emailing.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Hi Ryan:

      Thank you for your response.

      One thing (and I don't claim to know much) is there are always statistics to go by. That is why when asking any question with numbers I refer to the mid-point.

      If you take sales per Warrior Special Offers, Solo Ads, or ticket blitz from a favorite sports team, the mid-point of the results is what has been used from the time there have been numbers to properly ascertain expectations/projections.

      For instance I have written Rock and Roll books and a writing and speaking course. When I was about to release the first book the publisher had stats of the average book sales over the course of a lifetime and what percentage would be years 1-2.

      When promoting the books there were stats out of x number people that watch the YouTube channel and listen to the podcast this many will buy something from you.

      Hope you have a fantastic day and once again thanks for looking at the forum post.

      All the best,

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