What could be the reason for low earnings on Adsense?

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I had a friend show me their adsense earnings..

The screenshot attached is for the last 30 days. Why is adsense this low or does it apply to everyone?
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    AdSense took an 88% drop across the board after the KKK live-streamed an execution on YouTube, which was monetized and had displayed ads for Pepsi on it. Wall Street Journal, Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks, WalMart, AT&T, BBC, General Motors, Chrysler, CNN, Johnson&Johnson, Kellog's, and 250 other companies just pulled out funding from AdSense and are boycotting Google & YouTube...

    People are calling it the "YouTube Boycott" because YouTube started it, but it's actually a full on Google boycott.

    (they are boycotting because in addition to the KKK's YouTube channel, the KKK's website had been approved for AdSense and was displaying their ads and their ads got played on a public execution that was live streamed on YouTube... and can you blame them? If you were those advertisers, would YOU want you ads pay to murder gay men? unlike some WF members, I don't find the KKK murdering gay men funny - you want to know why? July 2013 - the KKK beheaded my cousin - he lived 3 doors down from me - 2006 the KKK blew up my house with a bomb and left a big white cross behind - 2015 they filled my motorhome with feces, then kidnapped my cats and have been returning their heads one at a time - a local kid, a child, 15 years old, was tied to the back bumper of a car and dragged 14 miles then huge in flagpole... the KKK is viscous and their attacks on gay men are horrific... they are terrorists no decent person would support them and I was surprised to find out there's a kkk member right here on the WF who thinks this whole thing is hilarious)

    Google claims they didn't know the KKK's web site or YouTube channel was being funding by AdSense and have banned it now (March 28, 2017) ...

    However, dozens more advertisers are pulling out their funding every day.

    I have a friend who does YouTube, but with him it's a part time income; he averages $500 to $800 a month. In March he earned $57 and so far in April he's not yet reached $10.

    Another friend of mine who does YouTube as a career, earns $1,000 to $2,000 a month. In March he made $200. Now in April, he's almost at $80. He lives off his YouTube income, he NEEDS that $2,000 to feed his family and pay his rent, but because of the boycott, he'll be lucky if he earns even $100 this month.

    Disney right now is pulling the strings, threatening to pull their ads from Google, Google stocks are plummeting, they've lost $571million since the boycott started (March 2017) and Google is bending over backwards trying to not lose Disney (which they are saying could end revenue for content creators as they claim Disney pays more then 70% of all AdSense income) while trying to get the other's back -

    Disney is right now trying to buy YouTube from Google and threatening to stop ads if Google doesn't sell.

    Google is in financial trouble and Disney is cleaning up the mess - the Disney written "family friendly" ToS change of April 8, 2017, is just the first we should expect to see... the advertiser control that rolled out April 25 is frightening - go have a look at it - advertisers can now look at each website and pick ONLY sites they WANT to place ads on... AdSense is NOT going on everyone as of the 25th.

    As of the 25th it's no longer up to Google to put ads on our sites, it's now directly up to the advertisers, who now have the ability to pick EXACTLY which websites they want to appear on and lock out which sites they don't think are worthy of their ads. This is definitely gonna kill a lot of websites.

    It's been all over the news, I'm surprised you hadn't heard.

    We are right now watching the death of Google as dozens more advertisers join the boycott every day. And it turns out, like every other company on the planet, Google can't survive without the Mouse. Who knew the Mouse was pulling so many strings behind the scenes of Google?

    Google is on edge right now, Disney has the upper hand (and waaaaay more money) if things get nastier then they already are, we could see Disney owning Google by the end of the year.

    The two biggest companies on the planet are dukeing it out right now and Google relies on it's advertisers to keep them going, while Disney is fully self funding and relies on no one but themselves... and poor Google, Disney pays 70% of their advertising income...Google is going down and they're going down fast.

    If they can't get Coke, Pepsi, and WalMart back, they may not be able to fight Disney on this.

    Disney wants YouTube and it looks like they are willing to kill AdSense income for everybody to get it.

    I'm waiting to see how this all ends. If Google can recover from this or is Google going to become yet another victim of the Mouse?

    My review of Flamboyant Nipples: The Site That Supports KKK Anti-Gay Terrorist Crimes
    Info on my Novels is HERE. History of Stephen King's Thinner Gypsies is HERE.

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    Originally Posted by Nabaleka View Post

    I had a friend show me their adsense earnings..

    The screenshot attached is for the last 30 days. Why is adsense this low or does it apply to everyone?
    The explanation above could be worth reading, there are other factors too:
    -what's the age of the site?
    -what's the niche?
    -have they made any changes to the site recently
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    Maybe you guys could recommend best alternative to adsense? I have celebrity news website with US traffic and currently using conten.ad and popads for moniterization. Thanks!
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    I don't think adsense earnings will be low forever, google really can't be beat by anyone else in terms of exposure for more products
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