How to get approved by Adsense within a month?!

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Hi. I have very, very limited money to spend on a domain and hosting. But I know I can bring in viewers to my site. Problem is, someone told me Adsense doesn't approve users from "high risk countries" easily and would take upto 6 months. I live in Pakistan. Please advice if I should even try? I have an approved Adsense on Youtube.
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    i think you should use SEO method for your site, it will save you some money.
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      I don;t know what a SEO method is but ill look it up, thank you
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        you can search it on google, this method is very helpful
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    Adsese is much harder to get approved than it was when I joined it 9 years ago. Not just your Country but anyone.

    The best thing to do is get your Site together and put some good Content on it . Do that for a month or so with continuous content and then go and submit for approval with them

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    You are going after something with low success rates. Adsense pays pennies and the only people making money with it have killer traffic . its better to find a good affiliate program or your own product/service which will pay far more regardless of how much traffic you have

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    Also what about the ad blockers now you don't see any adsense of YT videos ads ?!

    I would follow what Mike said much better idea
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    you may need to figure things out and quickly, you sound kinda desperate, but dont worry, you dont need to take it to the extremes

    forget what people tell you, just go try stuff and have fun youll learn faster

    but in the world of entreprenurship when theres no job and life is on the line, i hope you get the picture

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    Adsense doesn't approve within a month. The quantity and quality of your post matters, it takes more than six months in India to get your adsense account approved.
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    The surest and best way to earn is through affiliate marketing.
    Little traffic, little or no income
    Adblocker on every browser now.
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