Adsense revenue instability

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Hi Warriors,

I have a website that I drive traffic to from our Facebook Fan page and I have noticed that our Adsense revenue can shoot up to say £2.75 (example) and then 15 minutes later drop down to £1.10 or something along those lines.

I have noticed a few other Adsense users experience this but there has been no solution or answer as to why it's been doing this. It never used to before.

Any help will be most appreciated.
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    Maybe google "feel" ot think that its bot traffic, or bot clicks, or user click more then 1 time, so he reduce the revenue
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    Adsense revenue has been very erratic since about 2012 when we first noticed a major decline in revenue with many sites. The algos that run their formula have huge leeways and frankly should not be depended upon any longer for a regular revenue stream, in my opinion, and that's coming from a guy who used to depend on G for a living.
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    Adsense revenue is getting low day by day for my fb fan page too. It seems they have cracked something on this.
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      Yes most of my traffic comes from Facebook so thats interesting. It's like they have given you a platform to earn money and then restrict it!!

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