Anti-adblock helped increase my blog earnings with Adnow

by Mayoor 6 replies
Hi to all warriors,
Wanted to share my experience about adblock problem. Was losing money due to adblock users constantly last year. Read lots of articles about how to block it for sure, but nothing really worked. And all of a sudden got a clue from a friend of mine. Turns out one of our common ad nets AdNow launched anti-adblock plugin to solve this problem. Installed it not being sure anything would’ve changed. But the miracle has happened at last. This week got 50 dollars more than the last one. Hope it’s gonna work forever because I really like my income to grow. Though, it was a big challenge to set it up cause I’m not a wordpress user. Hope they will make it easier or at least will write an instruction for webs. Maybe it will help someone to solve adblock problem in the future.
By the way, do you have any suggestions how to solve this problem on other ad platforms? Thanks.
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    Yap, i'm also using Ad Maven anti adblock script and my revenue increased 30$.
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      Am glad it worked for you,it really boosted my earnings as well.
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  • Hi, Mayoor. Thank you for the review. Really glad AdNow plugin helped you to solve the problem. This is actually what we developed it for.
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      Yea. The plug in really went a long way in improving our earnings. Thanks Adnow
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  • As for difficulties with installing anti adblock we’re planning to present a thorough manual in a few days. So, it will be much easier for all our publishers to set it up.
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      That'd be nice. We would all be waiting for the new improvements.
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