What keywords should I use in Adwords for a pallet manufacturer?

by tndoan
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What are keywords should be used for Google AdWords marketing for a pallet manufacturer? Or are there anyway else I can reach to the right target customer?
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    use the google keyword planner to find out your keywords. Also there are many keyword tools available for you.

    here is an article that might help

    10 Free Keyword Research Tools to Help Plan Your New Site


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    I find Google Keyword planner really helpful and easy to use . It even tells the keywords' usage frequency from high to low, and also suggests the bid for each keyword. Consider trying it
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    I use Keywords.io combined with the Keyword Everywhere chrome extension for research. Once installed, whenever you do a google search, you will see the volume, CPC, and competition directly under the search box. This saves a lot of time when you want to get a quick response. There's a 2 min video that shows you how Keyword.io works.
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