AdSense application rejected for 'Insufficient Content'

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I have a great website that is ranking #2 for a big generic keyword. But, it only has a couple of great pages. How many full, fleshed-out pages do I need to get accepted by AdSense? I keep getting rejected for 'Insufficient Content'.

Additionally, I have tons of photo albums. How many words do I have to have each picture page to get accepted? Are they going to take the textual content on the pictures into consideration? Or, am I just getting rejected because I don't have enough full-length pages?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Last time I heard, you nead atleat 50 post contents with or without photos (not sure the quantity). Google want more info and contents, fresh. Site not less than 6 months.

    When I open my new site, I tried with 10 content post with 1-2'photos each and apply after 3 weeks and rejected. Waited until my post added to 20 pcs, applied again after 6weeks and they approved.
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    well what i get from google search
    you need to write 50-60 high quality post from your site
    then wait for the approval
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    The best thing you can do is continue to add content (if that is an option) and then reapply. If adding content is not an option, find another way to monetize.
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    Create YouTube channel, upload 1 unique video and enable monetization and you have an AdSense account.
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    Guy is selling to notch content but can't get into adsense due to lack of content. I loled
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