I need help finding better quality Content Locking offers/networks.

by ManicD 1 replies
I make video game mods and already have a good relationship with the game's community. I mean who doesn't love free mods. And the mods are allowed/encouraged by the video game company.

So now I'm trying to monetize my mods.

The community is willing to accept my mods if I put them behind a content locker but the first network I tried, Adworkmedia, seems to offer low quality offers and don't always load correctly depending on browser type.

I just applied to the OGads network but since I am really new to this all, I'm looking for help or suggestions on how to find quality networks or make this all work.

I make legit mods, have a legit community following, but I need legit ways to monetize the downloads. Or am I just being too naive and optimistic that easy/quality offers exist? Thanks guys.
#ad networks (cpm/cpl, display) #content #finding #locking #offers or networks #quality
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