Please Help! My Ad-sense Account Got Approved, But Still There Are Miles To Go.

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I applied for Adsense soon after my Blogspot blog became 6 months old. At first, I have got many issues including the page navigation difficulty, about author page, lots of images, less content, visitors & much more. My Ad-sense Account Got Approved, But Still There Are Miles To Go. It Got approved day before yesterday, but the earning is $0.31 so far. My blog has 4865 views last month and keeps increasing day by day. Now I just want to ask you guys that how much visitors, do I need to increase my earning up to $100/Month. And what kind of content should I post? Below is the screen shot of my AdSense account.

Karan Rawat
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    i suggest PPC would be best and you also search on google
    if you find some sites like you so it help you to compare and make more lucrative
    Thank you
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    Your earnings from AdSense are extremely niche dependent. Some ads pay you a penny, others can pay you over a dollar for one click. And, $100/mth is not something you should be aiming for as a short term goal. aim at $5-$10 per month, get there, reassess the situation. Try other blogs and niches, link them all to same AdSense so it fills quicker.

    AdSense is not quick money idea. If you need money go with affiliate marketing, maybe something from Clickbank, it is way quicker to make $100 from there. AdSense is more of an addon to other methods of monetizing a blog, it is terrible as primary source of income for it.
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    So you have an Adsense account, no idea what type of content to post and a blackhat forum sig.

    Good luck with all that...
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