Question about Adsense Responsive Link Units

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Adsense now supports the creation of a Responsive Link unit (in addition to the normal Responsive units that were available long time ago).

However, if you create a Responsive Link unit and place the code in your website, it shows very limited sizes such as 728x15, 468x15 etc which are very bad sizes in terms of CTR.

The following article shows how to modify the responsive ad code according to your needs:

Does anyone know if the above article applies also to Responsive Link units? What I want to do is to create a Responsive Link unit and modify the code (according to the article above) in order to show 300x250 Link Unit sizes which are not available normally when creating a Link ad. This Link Unit size of 300x250 has much higher CTR than the normal link ad sizes.

Can I do the above with a responsive link ad or its against the Adsense TOS? I have contacted the Adsense forum but nobody has answered my question.


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