What are your favorite paid ad platforms? (taboola, fb, adwords, etc)

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Hey guys.
Just wondering what your favorite paid ad platforms are.

Does anyone have much luck with adwords? seems pretty expensive to me.
facebook? taboola?

I haven't found one that really works great for me yet, some ok,

what do you guys use, what kind of cost per click do you get?

thoughts and opinions welcome!!
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    It really depends on what you are advertising, I like to use Facebook when I want to get a lot of exposure but the clicks are less important to me. When I need clicks for certain products I like to use Adwords or networks like Zeropark and AdMaven. I think Taboola is more effective if you have a news site or something like that.
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    Hi emailarron,

    A great deal depends on your niche, strategy, and advertising goals.

    Not every advertising goal is the same, nor are all strategies equally effective in every ad network. Some ad networks are better for a particular strategy then others and some networks perform better for certain niches than others within the same strategy.

    Don't make choices based purely on cost, or solely on ROAS. Those are indeed important metrics to help you manage your ad campaigns, but there are other considerations.

    Customers Determine Your Marketing Channel

    Your target market really determines where they hangout, or where they go to purchase products and services. You need to be where they expect to find you, or where they are congregated in great proportion.

    The bottom line: If you want to dominate your niche you have to be a dominant advertiser in whichever channels most new customers are won. If most new customers are won in Search ads, you have to be active in AdWords, else you will never reach your goal. If most new customers are won in social networks for your niche then you need to be in FB,Twitter, or similar, if most are won through video, you need to be in Youtube, if most are won through Display advertising you need to be in Display ads, etc., etc.

    Competitors Determine Your Cost

    One thing you can count on, wherever most customers are won you are likely to see the highest level of competition along with higher acquisition costs. If you are looking at these higher costs as an obstacle then you may have chosen the wrong strategy.

    Strategy Determines Your Success

    In today's highly competitive advertising environment a sophisticated strategy is more important than ever. Gone are the days when you could get away with a simple one channel strategy using barely adequate messaging and no cross channel remarketing.

    Remarketing is a real game changer, it allows you to take traffic from the most expensive channels and reduce the overall acquistion costs by a very significant factor. Especially when you employ a cross-channel remarketing strategy.

    If you are not targeting the channel that wins most new customers in your niche, because you think the cost is too high, you need a better strategy. The costs are high because it works for the advertisers that are paying that price, it's up to you to figure out how to make it work for you too. That takes a strategy that includes multi-touch marketing across a range of channels.

    Welcome to advertising 2017 style.


    Don Burk
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    For me

    Propel media
    Facebook ads
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    Top 9 Best Ad Networks

    1. Media.net
    2. AdMob
    3. StartApp
    4. InMobi
    5. Flurry
    6. Millennial Media
    7. Smaato
    8. Leadbolt
    9. Chartboost
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      Flurry works well for me.
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    The best for me works Adsense + MGID
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      You doing adsense arbitrage by sending MGID traffic to your adsense sites? If so what's the ROI on your spend?
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        Sorry for the late reply. You probably got me wrong, I use both Adsense and MGID platforms to monetize my website.
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    • RevContent
    • ContentAd
    • AdNow

    All because of whitelisting.
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    If your goal is to be seen everywhere and by everyone, advertising via Google's Partner Network is a smart choice. With over two million websites and 650,000 apps, your ad is ensured wide visibility and a potentially large audience. Try facebook ads too
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    Adwords and Bing for me are always my number one choice. The quality of the traffic that I produce from these too is not comparable to the rest

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    Google adword is very high converting, but I will suggest you to try to run the campaigns through ad networks, trust me it will give you a lot of conversions. And if you need some suggestions on choosing ad networks please feel free to ask.

    Thank you!
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