Are there any knowledgeable affiliates that know how a CPA marketing newbie should start their first campaign?

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Hey, what's up guys and gals! I'm an affiliate marketing newbie and I recently joined some affiliate networks and I'm ready to start running my campaigns. However, I want to make sure I do this the right way. So to all my experience and knowledgeable mates & affiliates can you please share your thoughts on where you think I should start and please keep in mind that I have a $1,000 budget. Please answer the following questions below, and if you're kind enough you can even give me more info if you'd like everybody will get a "thanks" for sharing their time and opinions .

What type of offers should I start off with?

What niche is best to begin in?

What traffic source should I start running my offers on?

Are there any countries I should primarily target before any others?
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