How do you spy and find winning campaigns that are working well for others? (CPA marketing)

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Hey, what's up mates! I am trying to figure out how I can find winning campaigns so I can use what's already working well for other individuals. I do not plan on taking it and running it verbatim, I plan on borrowing their idea and innovating it. I'm also going to purchase a spy tool (Whatrunswhere), but even if I purchase the tool how do I find these high converting ads and landing pages? Please, someone, let me know ASAP. Thank you so much!
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    I am not an expert but if you see an add offer many times used by more people .This means its converts and its very good

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    This one ? Could it be? I found it interesting as it can spying on high converting fb and instagram ads.

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    Priceless info. Thanks gentlemen. l
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    Another small tip which isn't spying is to just reach out to your am and ask them for there too offers and what are there affiliates doing to promote them
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