Using Bing Ads to send targeted traffic to Clickbank hoplinks

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I want to use Bing to create targeted keyword Ads and direct them to my Clickbank HopLink. In this case a url shortner should be used as well.

The issue is that Bing does not allow short links or hoplinks, they require a domain URL or you will get this disapproved message:

"The domain in this display URL does not match the landing page URL."

So the questions are:

1. Do I have to buy a domain name and build a pre-sale / landing page for each Affiliate link I want to promote?


2. Would I create my own pages on my domain and set the Bing Ad url to be:

And use htaccess to automatically redirect to my Clickbank HopLink URL?

This is new territory for me so that is why I am posing the questions and concerns here. Just trying to find the best way to send traffic to my HopLink because in that scenario the affiliate page is already built by the creator.

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    Hey Vegaspro,

    I have been running BingAds with Direct Linking and had no issues ... See if below answers your question ...

    Using Text Ads
    Under Display URL - Use the Actual URL which visitor sees.
    Under Final URL - Use the HopLink you received from CB.

    Using Expanded Ads
    Under Final URL - Use the actual URL which visitor sees.
    Under Tracking Template - Use the HopLink you received from CB.

    If you want to test this before you spend more money ... You can give a try by running your Ads for one time (Set Automated Rules to stop your ads after 1 click) and check if your hoplink is being tracked or not (Make sure you use a Unique Tracking Id to make it simpler.
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      Thank you very much for responding!

      What is the actual URL I am using? In my case I created a short link which is actually the hot link.
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        Hey Vegaspro,

        Let me give you an example taking an actual offer from Clickbank and see if it makes more sense ...

        Offer - EzBatteryRecondition
        Hoplink could be - http://8c9f6cpaaxalt7q508y3j63ui5u.h...?tid=TEST4DEMO
        Actual URL that visitor visits -

        It is the page which user visits after they click your link as it is served by Bing.

        I am not pretty sure if you can use the url shortener, but i dont see a reason why not ... (as long as you use it under Tracking Template or Final URL, but have actual URL in the DISPLAY url).

        I would suggest you have a quick chat with BingAds Help to get feedback on your ad copy sooner and also to make sure everything is good.

        Hope that helps .. .
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          I figured it out - the extended Ad is not a good one to choose. The regular text ad allows you to put in the redirect URL, and passed Bing Ad policy.
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            Kool. But be prepared. BingAds is migrating to only Expanded Ads soon .. No more text Ads after Jul 31st.

            This is their excerpt ...
            "After July 31, 2017, you'll no longer be able to create or edit standard text ads. Upgrade your text ad to an Expanded Text ad and your text ad will continue to serve with the new Expanded Text Ad. When you see comparable performance from the Expanded Text Ad, you can delete the old text ad."
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              But it does not work with Expanded Text ads. I could not see a place to put the Hoplink.
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                See my first response ... Test it out the way explained in that
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                  Actually, if I go to ClickBank Analytics, under Affiliate report for HOPS, I see 48 under Hop Count table. if I only have 8 clicks on Bing Ad then how is there 48 Hop Count? Confused!
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                    You are seeing more in CB becoz, you might have clicked that link for test purposes or so ...

                    I have setup a campaign just to double confirm that i am saying it right and everything worked perfectly fine on my end.

                    I hope you are actually setting up the 'tid' in the URL .. You can use that to know & customize your source of click ...

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                      Yes I am using the ENTIRE hoplink provided by CB, it ends with:


                      I do not click my own links. Something is not right. See my other thread on here.
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      Hey, have you gotten good conversion rates with Bing Ads and Clickbank?
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