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I've been doing CPA - mostly free trial offers on one network - for a couple of months now 100% legit. I came across this thread over at DP forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1510064 (if im not allowed to link to other sites plz tell me im newish here) which sounds really easy as compared to the work I put in for the cash I get out.

Just curious if anyone does this 'black hat' stuff and if so does it work? do you get paid? Thanks in advance this is the first I'm hearing of it and it all sounds very tempting to me but I don't want to get in legal troubles at the same time etc.
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    You can trust out they reviews done by all the members, Maybe I am also looking to earn big !!

    Thanks for the link man.
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      yea that is kind of what I figured but mostly I am looking for opinions on the entire concept of black hat. If anyone has personal experience.
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    Some people do black hat - some people completely stay away from it. It is a choice you have to make. Yes people do make money at black hat. Some people can't sleep at night with the thought of doing it. Some people get in trouble along the way. It's really up to you what chances you want to take. I have seen some that don't feel morally right to me. Your choice.
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    Well, besides being unethical it can get you banned from Google and the other search engines. Not to mention getting banned from the Affiliate networks.

    I have found that most often these shortcuts cause nothing but trouble for a sparse return. There is always the paranoia and guilt to deal with. When will I get caught? It is not "if" but "when".

    It sure would suck to see all of your true hard work go down the drain for a couple of hundred bucks.

    But to each their own I suppose.

    yes, I am....

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    Let me translate digitalpoint language

    black-hat = I'm cheating google out of their traffic

    VERY black-hat = I'm cheating the affiliate network, advertiser, and consumer out of their money

    Based on the sales copy and replies, it looks like he's doing incentive offers on stuff like insurance, payday loan, debt consolidation offers etc which will get you banned from the CPA networks if you get caught.
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    I have not spent much time on DP, but most of what I have seen for sale there is the black hat stuff. By definition, I believe that means it is underhanded or unethical or some type of scam. I am not an expert, so I could be wrong, but that is my impression.

    Bottom line, if the networks find you using this type of method, they will ban you and not pay you what you have accumulated. The OP over at DP states that he includes a method of how to hide your tracks. Which indicates that you need to hide how the traffic is being generated.

    So what we have here is a scammy method to generate traffic and income, that if you get caught will end up losing your ability to earn in the CPA business as they pretty much all share the information on who they ban. But the method only costs $13, so what do you have to lose? If you can live with being a scam artist and chance getting banned, then I would go for it. You might make a few hundred before you get caught.

    Personally, I wouldn't touch it.

    Tim Pears

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      Thanks everyone that is more or less what I figured and I did some Googling on black hat as well. Looks like there are different levels and some things seem fine just like small corners being cut but somethings are horrible and very immoral.
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    Black hat may work now and may even work tomorrow, but Google and the other search engines are constantly tweaking and improving their algorithms to guide consumers toward relevant, valuable content and finding ways of filtering duplicate content. The best way to go is white hat. It will take longer but it's more future-proof and just a good habit to get into.
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    • Black hat methods not only are against the terms of most affiliate programs and are to many (including me) immoral - but they are usually very short term. You have to churn and burn your sites/marketing efforts every time you get caught and have to start over.

      Some black hat methods will not only get you canned by the networks but they will withhold your commission too, so all the work was for nothing.

      You can put in the same amount of effort and build a long term viable business that will stand the test of time - and you can feel good about what you do instead of constantly having to look over your shoulder and worrying about getting caught.


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        Thanks everyone for your advise. I bought it anyway because i found it on another site for even cheaper. I tried it for a minute and it works well but I am not going to use it. You are right, I am not of the stomach for it. I worried about being banned even though I barely played it with it so I stopped at $3.90 after a couple of minutes. I suppose some people like to live dangerously though but this will be my first and last venture into black hat.
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      Originally Posted by ppcpimp View Post

      why not post the method here? I am very curious now.
      I don't think that is ethical; although the method is not either I will take a higher road. I can say that it worked in the couple of minutes that I tried it but it is not something for me. I suppose that is something you must make up your own mind about.
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