Can you make good money from adsense?

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I see many videos of people claiming that their website generates more than $1000 per day from adsense and then I see many people claiming $5-40 per day...
The question I have for people is, can you achieve $1000 with adsense per day?

I have a site that has around 150-200k traffic per day and wishing to make money from it
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    Yes you can make $1,000 a day with adsense. I recommend getting some courses that will teach you how to do that.
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      can you recommend any courses that actually do teach that and not teach over hyped rubbish?
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        No such courses out there. People who know, they don't teach.

        I made almost 20.000 USD/month in my best years. Now it's lower, but still good money. No black hat stuff. No complicated stuff. I just delivered content (and still do) that what people wanted.
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      Bit extreme! and not exactly realistic. You're going to need to know what your doing to be on that daily target. Not only that, this sort of target could take years to achieve.
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    Sorry I can't. I don't know of any.
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    Yes, of course. You can make achieve 1000$ per day . If you getting traffic from countries like US, UK, It is not that difficult.
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      have you personally done it ?
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    If your site dominate your specific niche market your $$$ is limit only to sky but that real questions how its going to do.
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      im new to affiliate and adsense, i can get traffic that is no issue, but only just starting to go into making money from affiliate and ads, usually ive sold my own products or just sites which just give reviews and opinions etc
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    Just get traffic from US, CA, UK, etc. and you can make that amount.
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      Do you personally work with adsense? if so are you getting good results
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    Yes. I work with AdSense since 2008.
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      can i ask what your opinion would be for niche paid targeted traffic? not bots etc
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    I believe you can make good money on adsense if and only if your site generates genuine traffic that converts.

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      That is the only part i am unsure of, i know my traffic comes from google searches, social media etc however i do not know what the converts rate would be or the quality of traffic
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    If you're actually hitting 150-200k real and quality traffic PER DAY then Yes! And it shouldn't be the most difficult thing in the world.
    UPDATE: We are now on 1,900 daily website visits in month 5. Here are the strategies that we've been using to scale (Free access). Let's grow together.
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    A few years ago, when I still had my adsense account I was making $4000 to $5000 a month. You have to do a lot of testing with ad placements, type and color. Also, you need quality traffic. From my experience, the lower the bounce rate the more clicks to the Ads.
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      Hi. How long did it take you to reach this target of $4000 - $5000 a month?
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    Yes you can achieve that goal but make sure you set milestones for that and be prepared for any changes from Google. It is complicated but yet simply. The source of traffic is one of important puzzles and the content is another one. Good luck!
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    Do you have a high volume of quality, targeted traffic? If so, you can likely do OK with GA but I prefer branding myself through courses, eBooks and audio books I create, making more money per sale, and making more money down the road as my brand awareness expands.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Just throwing this out

    They will optimize your AdSense ads on all of your site pages for a small percentage of revenue.
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    If you're getting that type of traffic and it's not garbage traffic, you'll do good with Adsense.
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    Yes you can make $1000 per with adsense. You should have quality content that people are really looking for. Write the quality content, do organic SEO, Engage the social media community,groups, write on blogs, Write guest posts. After all this is for quality traffic to come to your website. It require perseverance and hard work.
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    Why not? Just make 10 authoritative websites (per page = $ 100 per day) with lots of 1000+ articles from good niches (health, best buys, product reviews ...) Target long keywords in your article, outsource a lot, automate your backlinking and you can definitely make a lot of money.
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      I like the idea of that, do you know any services that could help me? like an ebook or course? or training?

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    Adsense is rubbish, I wouldn't waste my time.

    I made very good money from it in the past, but that was when the ads that displayed on your website were 100% on topic.

    Now Google use re-targeting, which means the ads they see have nothing to do with your website or content, but what they were looking at up to 3 weeks ago.

    Consequently the click through rate is poor, and the quality score is even worse, so rather than earning 50c to $3 per click like I used to, you'll be lucky to earn more than 5c per click.

    I'm sure Google still charge the owner of the ad the same money, but now keep 95% of the money for themselves and give you, the poor soul who is doing all of the work bugger all.

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    Some interesting points here but it's unfair to say that "AdSense is rubbish" I know a lot of people who have made consistent profits with the aid of AdSense and still are profiting to this day.
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      It's totally fair to say it's rubbish, because it is when you compare it against how it used to be, or just look at the volume of traffic you'd need to make a few hundred bucks from it now.

      If you're getting enough traffic to make $50 from Adsense per month, you could make $1500+ by selling them an actual product instead.

      However, I know a lot of people here sell junk "get rich quick with Adsense" type ebooks or courses to dumb noobs, so I understand why people don't like the concept of telling the truth about it.

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    You need a high-paying niche first and foremost, then Tier-1 traffic and lots of it. With Google being rather erratic at times on the whole Adsense program and the very high usage of ad-blockers that result in most people never seeing an adsense ad, it's not near as easy as some portray it.
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    I have a small income from the Adsence. I have been working here as a part time worker. Beside my Business & Study I work for the Adsence. Thanks for your success.


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      "Just get quality traffic" and a couple above "you need Tier 1 traffic, and lot's of it".

      If you're getting either a) lots of "tier 1 traffic" or b) "quality traffic" or c) both of these, then you can make a heck of a lot more money selling real things to the visitors, than by getting a few pennies every time someone clicks an ad - and I mean like 100+ times more.

      I also love the "just" aspect of getting lots of quality traffic.

      You make it sound almost easy, careto share how you "just" do that?

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    I only get tier-1 traffic because I block by region. Don't want visitors or clicks from people with no money. Now, I didn't say "just get quality traffic" because let's face it, that part is not that easy and it's also the key to everything: quality traffic.
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    While Adsense is the best way for making money online. The majority of Internet users are probably aware of Google AdSense but for the sake of keeping beginners up-to-date. It is the most reliable advertising platform on the Internet today and can generate the most revenue for publishers.
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    if you have subscribers then you will achieve $1k per day.
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