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by imback
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I am promoting the **** For Men product on the Adonnetwork....I am at a complete loss.....I have tried for months....Is there anyone who is willing to help me find out how to find GOOD keywords and URL's for FREE?

I have been reading and reading on here I guess im just missing the spot and am need of a little bit of "light at the end of the tunnel" ?

For the people who will bang me for this question....Im not trying to have you hand me 500 keywords just maybe one or two so I know where to go with it
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    I do not have lot of experience in this. But as far as i know, with PPV it's better to bid ONLY for URLs, and not the keywords. Even i had lost some money when i did bid for the keywords with PPV.

    And you will NOT always get profits for every offer you run. If it is so, then everyone will do that. Some time back i had run 4-5 campaigns with only one of them making profits, and others were making losses so i stopped the rest.
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    Thank You so much for the reply I will try to add urls instead of keywords and see where I end up...
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      Definitely go with urls and not keywords when using PPV. The other thing you need to
      consider is the PPV audience. I find it is easier to convert with offers that do not require that they pull out their credit cards.

      While I use addonetwork, I have had limited success with it. I have gotten more traffic and converstions using MediaTraffic and Zango

      Hope this helps.

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    I was told by my neverblue mang. **** Max converts well with PPV. How do I find the general age of traffic from the adonnetwork?
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      I personally cannot figure out how to get a rebill going on PPV. If I had to try it again though I'd buy demographic based RON (run of the network) traffic, POP UNDER only. Let it run for like $100 worth of traffic, that should be like.... around 100k pops? You can get a few thousand views that way, just make sure your story is good and see if it converts (YES.. flog it up).
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    Well first I'll echo what's already been said, don't waste your time or money by bidding on keywords. The methodology that PPV companies use for detecting these keywords relevance vs. your keyword bids is heavily in favor of their profits which is bad news for your wallet.

    As for finding URL's, it's really all about testing and tweaking your campaign. The first rule is never bid on root domains (example: because while it makes sense to target that URL for males, it will be an absolute money pit. What you need to do is find the populr sub pages/folders of those big domains that are related to your offer and bid on that, for example for **** it would probably be something like

    The next thing you need to focus on is your bidding strategy, the first rule is never be the #1 bidder. Even if you're #4 or #5 you'll still get enough traffic to test if the offer/URL is converting for you'll burn through a lot less money for the exact same sample of traffic.
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    use quantcast and learn as much about the prospect as you can.
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    Thank you guys.....How many URLS to I need I seem to be having trouble getting any traffic? Ill let you guys know if I have any success over the weekend!
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    Sometimes one or two url's will give you tons of traffic, other times you may need to add hundreds.

    Some people will add thousands of url's to a campaign then weed out the losers.

    Best way is to add a few at a time and watch the traffic.

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    Start with urls instead of keywords

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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