How Do Marketers Consistently CRUSH the Leaderboards in Multiple Biz Opps At Once?

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I know there are some high level marketers in this forum so I hope to get some valuable responses to this thread.

I've been involved in the biz opp niche for a very long time. Most of that time imitating and duplicating as much as I can of what other leaders do, but with dismal results.

I know that for pretty much any leader that crushes leaderboards in multiple programs at once they are probably doing lots of paid advertising.

But I want to hear it from you guys what some of you think are the top attributes of a top marketer in the biz opp space, and also, some of the best advertising methods to crush leaderboards and affiliate contests?
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    Normally those people have a team working for them.

    You only see the names and sometimes faces, but behind them they have a team that helps in different aspects of the business.

    Their name becomes a brand, and that is how it is treated.

    Many other cases they just are full of BS...
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    If you have a large mailing list, then the second you place an ad , you can "click" , and send your entire email list to your advertisement or sales page, at once... the sudden activity and excitement surrounding your ad attracts others... Thats how they do it. They use their own traffic (ie; "email lists"), or they use affiliates, who also have large email lists. Your list is your best source of instant traffic, to anything you put out. This is why most of your advertising efforts should be geared toward building that list, once you have built it, then you have a quality, reliable traffic source for your sales pages...
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    Well i think for sure they invest a lot in advertisment an dthey know theyr game they know what converts how to promote etc .I think they also build an email list
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    by not jipping around with free traffic, pure paid traffic [highly targeted] to landing pages and heavy hitting funnels.

    That is how!
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