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Hi all,
I am in the process of developing a network and have been fetching offers from CPAGrip. Today I decided to try one of the offers myself (it's a survey) and to my surprise the user experience was very terrible, the surveys continued to redirect and I didn't gain a single penny through the CPAGrip dashboard. I went on to try a few other ads, from mobile devices and had my girlfriend try a few as well and during the process only one ad converted generated any revenue. What are your experiences with CPAGrip? At what point in the redirect infinite loop of surveys do I as an advertiser generate actual revenue? The surveys on CPAGrip felt like spam and I have realised that I need a better network with offers with great UX and high conversion rates.

Please if you're reading this, kindly suggest a few of the top tier networks that have great offers from big clients that I can promote on my network.
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