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Hi Guys,

Not exactly new to making a website or marketing but I have exhausted myself thinking of ways to monetize my site and thought I would reach out.

Anyway, I have an adult content related site mainly focused on the adult and sex industry in Japan. Content on brothels, porn, dating etc aimed at English speakers. My original idea was to sell ad space to local shops in Japan. Wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do but I am continuing the site as I personally find it fun and it's what I know a lot about.

Anyway, I continued to write and I am now ranking in like top two for keywords related to Japanese pornstars. So I tried being an affiliate for Japanese porn vid subscriptions ETC. Haven't had any luck with sales yet.

Are there any good ad networks or affiliate networks that I could try?

Also just to note I am trying to build up an email list with a free ebook opt-in. Getting there slowly.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

And if I was horrible at explaining something please feel free to grill me.

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      Hi Connann,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I understand the whole concept of cam girls. Definitely big here in Japan.

      I had a look at the link you posted. However, my target users are users from English speaking countries who would want to see Japanese cam girls.

      It didn't look like that site catered for Japanese cam girl sites?

      Are there any certain sites of Japanese cam girl affiliates you know?
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    What language your website is in? If you are targeting Japanese audience it is better to use Japanese language.
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    Hi Silentkiller1,

    Cheers for the reply.

    My target audience are English speakers not Japanese.
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    Hi lostboy00,

    what about promoting Asian dating sites or adult games?

    best of luck!
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    just buy a new domain and fire up your adult dating site
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    If you are still looking for an AdNetwork or affiliate site for your Adult website, I must say there are many. About the keyword, I don't understand why you choose top porn star. I am not so familiar with Japanese adult culture but if I talk about Thailand. Suppose I have a website based on Thailand and I want to target English speaking person. I would definitely target keyword related to Thai Message or Thai Hot Girls etc. About Ad network, different Ad Networks offering different CPM rate for different countries. Better you choose according to your expectation. This article may help you
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