Leaving CPA/Affiliate Industry Heres Why...

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Hey warriors,

I have reached a point in my cpa/affiliate marketing venture where I find myself being owned by my business.

I am not sure if many of you know what that feels like, but I have been busting butt 14-16 hours per day, building sites, blogs, ppc campaigns, seo campaigns.

I have no equity, No leverage, No distribution. I have not changed anyones life financially or for the better of them, but stuck them onto some crappy $89.95 rebill on trial offers.

99% of the information being sold through courses and ebooks, really does not work.

If it did, they wouldn't sell it haha.

I feel that many of you are new and into a really big surprise when you finally figure out what really works and what doesn't.

I have done a very deep investigation to find my deeper feelings, which entitles to Changing peoples lives, and being able to transform them into success.

I do not want to live this lifestyle behind a computer, and not being able to really transform my life and the lives of others.

When was the last time a top income earner actually devoted time to your success? Yeah you will not see it on the web...Unless you pay $20k in coaching!

Why? Well because its all about PITCH PITCH PITCH, and sell as much information (useless) and software that is off 99% of the time.

CPA/Affiliate marketing provides you with no leverage, if you think leveraging thousands in advertising is "leverage", thats called a risk.

- Not Duplicate-able

- NO Actual System To Follow

- No True Support

-No Distribution Of Valuable Products

I know top affiliates spending $80k per month to generate a profit of $15-$20k MAYBE!! And if the advertiser doesn't like your traffic then what do you do? haha yeah exactly.

I wish all of you the best of luck, but I am off to my journey that originally got me into internet marketing and that was network marketing.

I will see you at the top.

Thank you all for the support and appreciation throughout the last 1-2 years of being a member on warrior forum.


P.S. I know my words above and stance has opened the eyes of many of you "thinking" twice if this is your path to "true financial independence"

Let me tell you, this is my own experience and how I view it now.

I leave you this question:

When Was the last time you really dreamed, I mean dreamed big and had a vision for the ultimate lifestyle that you deserve!

Don't Forget to Dream, and Do not be scared to sacrifice what you have for that dream of yours.

God Bless I am Outs!
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    I can understand *some* of what you're saying, in terms of helping people, etc. but in terms of the numbers and viability of CPA/affiliate marketing you're just wrong. Maybe it's not for you - that's fine. But I know dozens of people, including myself, that make 6 figs a month from CPA/affiliate marketing. You think you're going to make more than that with some Network Marketing company? The odds are even less likely than with affiliate marketing, TRUST me. But good luck!
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    Explain numbers in cpa and viability from your stand point, so everyone has a clear understanding of your 6-figure CPA business.

    1. Share the Leverage You have in distribution

    2. How many millionaires and successful people have you created?

    3. Share your support system that is available to everyone that wants to learn and duplicate your success

    4. Your ad spend to generate 6-figures?

    5. The equity your are building, and true value behind your business.

    The Youngest Network Marketer To Crack The Internet Code: http://www.matiasleiva.com

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      Originally Posted by LeivaMatias View Post

      Explain numbers in cpa and viability from your stand point, so everyone has a clear understanding of your 6-figure CPA business.

      1. Share the Leverage You have in distribution

      2. How many millionaires and successful people have you created?

      3. Share your support system that is available to everyone that wants to learn and duplicate your success

      4. Your ad spend to generate 6-figures?

      5. The equity your are building, and true value behind your business.

      I understand your points about the industry and internet marketing but not sure I can agree with all the points. Internet marketing can be a way of making money and it can be a way of building a solid legit business. You can approach it as either. I started out in this business as a way of making money but have gradually built a business with various sustainable models.

      1. The leverage is that once you work out a process and system that works, you can quite easily outsource each piece of your puzzle. You sit back and monitor, which is very easy, as your pieces work together to make your business work, without giving away your process.

      2. You have to remember that building a business and a good business isnt necessarily about making millionaires, its about providing a service or product that helps the recipient. Many cpa offers are poop, ill give you that but many are great and beneficial. If youre promoting a dating offer, you arent making millionaires but you are providing a good service. One of my favorite offers is netflix...a great service

      3. Not sure what you mean but if somebody wants to be successful online, it just takes some work. You can literally be 'successful' in any niche on the net. If you want to duplicate my success, duplicate my effort, thats all it takes...no real tricks

      4. Who gives a rats poo what the adspend is. At the end of the day I care about cash in my pocket and limiting risk. If I spread my risk wisely, I will gladly spend 1,000,000 to make 1,200,000 per month at ROI of 20%. I'd rather that then spending $100 per month to make 300$ at ROI of 300%. The key here is limiting the risk of that 1mm. If done effectively, you should be fine

      ...numbers were for illustrative purposes

      5. You do things like create a product (legit product) get a list or start other more traditional online businesses. THis is sustainable and involves modest risk.

      Overall, there are ways to approach this industry to make it a real, legit, sustainable business. Im sorry it didnt work out for you, but i hope others see that there is value in this business

      good luck and thanks for your opinions
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        hey Matias,

        best of luck in your new venture.
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        Oh man, can you cry any louder.

        I'm so glad I've learned to grab my balls and ride **** out, its paid off tremendously!
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          Interesting that you are leaving CPA/Affiliate industry to go back to network marketing so you can help people and serve a greater purpose.

          I totally understand that you are most likely genuinely sincere. I felt that way about network marketing for a long time. I made the decision to leave at a time when I was regularly making 5 figures monthly because what I saw was an industry where a handful succeed, while most end up going into debt to finance "the dream." While many are drawn to the promise of making money by helping people...the reality is very different.

          I have never been comfortable promoting CPA offers that suck people into monthly over-payments....but frankly 99.99% of the time that is exactly what network marketing does. Different technique but same result...only difference is that most autoships are easier to cancel than free trials.

          Of those making six figures monthly, most are either working 80+ hours a week supporting their 'teams' OR promising support until payment is made and then they stop answering phone calls.

          I sincerely hope your experience is different.

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    1. No need to get into a long debate about "leverage" here but I will say that I have people who work for me - they do research, gather data, scout out new traffic sources for me, set-up new ad campaigns, etc. All while I sleep. That's all the leverage I need.

    2. I'm not a "guru" that sells money making information, so my job isn't to create millionaires or teach people how to make money online. If I really wanted to though I could teach almost anyone how to make 5-6 figures a month with affiliate marketing in a matter of months (limited only by their starting capital and work ethic). Can you do the same with MLM? Not a chance.

    3. Again, I don't sell anything of my own. Why would I have a support system for people that want to learn and duplicate my success? They can learn it the same way I did.

    4. My ROI averages close to 100%, so I spend 6 figures a month to make 6 figures a month. These numbers are not important though. I started out like most people, practically broke living paycheck to paycheck. I made $1000 a month, then $5000, then $10,000 etc. Once you know HOW to make money it's easy. All you need is a little discipline to reinvest some of your profits back into your business.

    5. Plenty of equity. I've sold a bunch of my sites over the years, making me 7 figures several times. I could retire tomorrow if I wanted to.

    No offense but you seem pretty jaded and close-minded. Maybe Network marketing fits your personality better but I've been in this game longer than you have and I can tell you for a fact that more people make more money with affiliate marketing than MLM. I could name 10 people that make 100k or more from affiliate marketing for every 1 person that makes the same from MLM.

    Just out of curiosity, which MLM are you looking at that you think will help change peoples' lives for the better and make you tons of money?
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    Didn't any of your crappy eBooks mention list building? That's the ultimate leverage tool, and yes, you can be an affiliate marketer and have a list. In fact, when you have a list, you can sell multiple products to the same people, alot. If that isn't what I call leverage then I don't know what is.

    Plus don't forget the leverage of owning a list will attract a lot of attention from potential business partners/JVers. Again, huge leverage there too.

    Speaking of the information you've bought, no wonder you're bitter - if they haven't shown you an effective way to spend 14 hrs per day creating solid businesses.

    I do feel for you and understand your position in that respect, as yes, there are a lot of guides and advice flying around which has so little to do with building a business (read: assets) that most affiliate marketers are one ad network review away from living on the streets.

    You do need to build leverage, but who says you can't just because you're an affiliate?

    P.S - I see you're pitching a couple of products in your sig file...so wouldn't it be strange to bite the hand that feeds, as you're slating eBooks and the "PITCH PITCH PITCH" environment we're all working in?

    Strange amount of incongruence going on here, but I wish you all the best with your dreams.

    Good luck!
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    I absolutely hate network marketing. That's not me. Also, if you're talking about stuff like MLM well I think often that's just as shady as some affiliate products. I got sucked in to a Quixtar meeting once and looking back on it the ways they tell you to get your friends to come to the meeting is bull****. They don't tell you what it is exactly just give you a bunch of casual sales talk. And it's your f-ing friend! I hate that kind of ****e, makes you feel bitter towards your friends. Luckily this wasn't a good friend. Also, with stuff like that why make your friends pay more for a powerbar or equivalent just because it puts more money in your pocket? They could be just buying it cheaper at a grocery store. But hey, if you're talking about a different kind of model, then I missed the mark here.

    Affiliate marketing works great for me. If you feel uncomfortable promoting a product, don't promote it. There are thousands of solid products you can promote that shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself. Tons of legitimate businesses like hotel booking sites, Netflix, ebay, etc. that have affiliate programs.

    I just think giving up is your prerogative, but I think the real goal of every affiliate marketer should be to use the money to create your own products, and if you want them to have real value, then of course you can do that. Let others be your affiliate and then I think that's where you'll see the real money roll on in to your bank account.
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      It's easy to become bitter with this business. Most people are working alone, and their friends and family can hardly understand what it is they do. So there is no one to bounce ideas or even rants off of...and it can be isolating. I don't know a lot about MLM, but already have a preconceived notion of it on a negative level...probably just from cultural osmosis. I wasn't aware it made people lives better...I'm guessing more people would be doing it if that were really true.

      Anyway, best of luck to you.

      "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it! " - Jonathan Winters
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    I really can't be bothered to read everything in your further posts as its boring!

    But to me you just sound like you have 'tried' for the last 2 years and not made any money or anything significant enough to make a difference in your life!

    Everyone has their own personal goals in life and im glad your now choosing to pursue your's!

    Tom Brite
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    I think he may not keep coming back to this thread as he's "done," unless he wants to go on about how great his new business will be. Different strokes, different folks.
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      If you decide to come back to affiliate marketing, you should research on what people really need help with. I don't make 6 figures a month, but I do make some decent money with affiliate marketing. I got so burned out on trying to sell "this product" and "that product" to people that I don't even know would help them, so I quit promoting questionable products and began helping people that are starting out in affiliate marketing to get them making money online. Want to know how much I charge for this? Nothing.

      I recently spoke at a panel and laid out some money making ideas. Everybody said that it was the best panel they have ever been to at this specific location.

      Sure, I could of sold something to them that night, but instead offered my free video course that gets into more detail about what I went over that night.

      In other words, what I'm saying here is do something that very few people do in internet marketing and work on helping others achieve their dreams and somehow, someday, all of this will pay off.
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