No1 buys from my Facebook Ad ! Any tips?

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Hi Warriors,

I have tested facebook Ads a couple times for my service business and each time i never get a single person to buy. Thing is its the same service im using on Fiverr which is doing really well on there, i became a LEVEL ONE seller within 4 weeks of posting my Gig.

Lots of people love my idea (I make custom insta/snapchat stories) for personal n business pages !

Any advice on how i can scale this business idea & is facebook Ads maybe not the way to go?

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    Can you share more details?
    What's the niche and demographics?
    How many ads have you tested?
    What's your targeting?
    How much have you spend per ad?
    What's your ctr?

    The more details we have the more we can help.
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      Thank you for the reply.

      I think that is where i am going wrong, is not having a specific niche for my service. As its for instagram stories & snapchat stories which anyone and everyone uses. I have had random people from different niches buy my Gig on fiverr from (Fitness, trading, personal, restraunt)

      I have tested 3 Ads in one month... £10 for 7days, small i know but i was told to always start small and then scale up when you get ROI
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    I tried Facebook advertising with Amazon products for Three whole years and after nearly 10,000 click throughs to the amazon product pages and hardly any commission to show I gave up.
    Well that was my $3000 mistake now on to yours:
    For Facebook it's difficult to attract buyers due to social media syndrome caused by the short attention span of social media users plus user will deliberately click on your ad and buy nothing simply because they know you are paying for the ad - that's how they get back at you for annoying them with ads while they are watching their favorite cat videos.

    A good idea would to get visitors to optin to your list from Facebook by offering a survey and/or a quiz or contest of some sort.

    Ask relevant questions in your survey and once they opt in to your list the good ole email marketing strategy kicks in once again as this is the only proven and cost effective of marketing on the internet for over Twenty years going now.

    Now my Friend that's how we CLICKSELLERATE

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      thank you for the reply. Great info

      Question: Do you think i should narrow down my business to a specific niche?
      My service is making custom animated snapchat & instastories !
      Is does well on Fiverr..but i want to scale the business away from Fiverr as the system is shocking on there
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    Chances are you are probably selling the wrong services as there aren't many buyers on fb regarding your services and also you haven't done a lot of split testing on your part to just be sure.
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