Why are ad networks needed?

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Why are ad networks needed?
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    To make money? Users don't like to pay in order to consume content so publishers had to find a way to give the users the content for free and make money some other way - and so the ad networks were born.
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  • Ad networks facilitate the connection between publisher and advertiser. They specialise in optimising the gains for both parties, so if you're not very adtech-savvy, they come in really handy.

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  • if there was no ad networks, there would be no internet, no google, fb, instagram.

    Ad netowrks connect consumers and publishers with content
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    Originally Posted by eventplanner779 View Post

    Why are ad networks needed?
    AD Networks help blogger and website owner to monetize their traffic and make them earn through it. And provider advertiser that ad space to promote their campaigns/product.
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    I think some people are misunderstanding what an ad network is versus what is an affiliate Network. To me an Ad Network is something that allows you to buy advertisements. For example Revcontent is an Ad Network for Native ads.

    If you are asking what is an Affiliate Network for then this is different. Many people use affiliate networks because they have a wide selection of offers that you can test. Most of the time when I find an offer that really works well I will not work through the Affiliate Network. I will just go direct and get it from The Advertiser. What is the point of using a network really unless they offer you really fast payment terms and Security in your payments. I know this might sound funny especially since I own a private CPA affiliate Network, but in reality the bigger Affiliates understand the relationship between a network and an Advertiser, there is no point in working with a network.

    Over time many people have just built CPA or affiliate networks that have no real experience in building a real business and there is no advantage to using the network versus going directly to the advertiser.

    In some cases using a network is very valuable and saves TON of time. Some of the networks that have big names like clickbooth.com are probably a lot safer since they have reputation to uphold. Other private networks often have offers you cannot find anywhere else, and have exclusivity which means they are the only people allowed to broker that offer out to affiliates.

    So moral of the story is - ad networks sell ads, affiliate networks link publishers to advertisers.


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    Originally Posted by eventplanner779 View Post

    Why are ad networks needed?
    Nothing is really needed. Do you mean what is the purpose of an ad network and how to use them? Please be specific. The more and clearer info you give the better we can help.
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    ad networks connect the advertiser to the website and at the end to users (customers). the potential of all networks is aggregation of several offers with a different payment model such as CPM/ CPA & CPC
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