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I have the following problem. I started to advertise with popup networks a few months ago and it was quite profitable. But last month we started to receive a lot of fake sales from this type of traffic.
We are using order form and are calling every customer who make order. Most of the phone numbers are fake, but sometimes the phones are real and the name is the same, but the person says he didn't ordered anything and don't know about the products.
We think it's some kind of bot that is filling our form. We tried to use CAPTCHA and HONEYPOT to get rid of it but it didn't worked.

Can anyone help us solving this issue, we are even ready to pay.

Thank you.
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    Could be a competitor that's pays to some people to do it by hand and not a bot.
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      Yeah, we thought about that too, but more than 100 fake conversions a day coming from 6 different platforms. How they know where we advertise.
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