MaxBounty Rejected my application

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Hey guys, today like i expected i got an email from MaxBounty saying that they can't accept my application because i am a newbie but i think is because i am a newbie and i am from Morocco.
Please, guys, help me i did read so many articles and watched a lot of youtube videos but all that is nothing if i didn't take any action.
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    Maybe try another network like peerfly?
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    There are plenty of others. Peerfly, as stated above. Then the easier ones to join like adworkmedia, ascendmedia. Then those you can just sign up to without approval, like CPAlead, cpagrip etc.

    If you are totally new, you are better off joining a network that requires no approval. Once you have experience and leads, you can apply again to maxbounty, with a greater chance of being accepted.
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    i heard many accounts are rejected from maxbounty.!
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    When you applied, did you have a strategy for marketing offers?

    Did you have a blog or anything to show?
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    I would suggest you to get blog of your own. There are many niche and keywords you can easily rank for. Its just that you have to apply whatever you learn from youtube. It is going to take time but eventually after failing a couple of times you surely will start seeing the positive outcome. Don't lose hope and never give up. Try joining new affiliate networks and take help from their affiiate manager, they will never shy away from helping you with any kind of problem you have.
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      Thank you, Kumar, I want to start my blog and i have some programming knowledge but i have an issue my English isn't good and i don't have enough money to hire a writer, please if you have any idea.
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    Hi guys, Thank you so much for your support like you said guys i applied to cpalaid and cpagrip and cpabuild and my application got approved instantly, are this good network to work for, is there is any other instant approval network ?
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    Hi Bilal,

    I guess, In your application you have mention about your details and traffic sources which aren't allowed for their campaigns.
    As @toydistrict said, I suggest you go which some other good network and still last thing about traffic what quality traffic you deliver to network.
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    there's always a better alternative. there's even a better alternative to that better alternative that you're thinking right now.
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    Yes I know But where is it
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    Hello Bro,

    Dont say that you are new

    Just use some trick to get an approval from Maxbounty

    1) Which Traffic you use. : Say Somthing unique e:g I will use Youtube ,Facebook , Bing Ads Paid Traffic

    2) Which Offer you will promot : Credit card, Health Product and which are converting well

    3) How much Exp. you have in CPA : Mention that you have 3 to 5 years of Exp in CPA and currently i am working with Peerfly, CPAGrip, AdworkMedia

    Kindly revert if you have more query
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