I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW to earn with CPAlead niches and offers

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good day every one,nice and happy i am to join this great group so call WARRIOR FORUM.
yes am very new to cpalead.com and am anxious of making money from from them by promoting their offers or niches
but their niches that i brows and heard that they are simple , all the links i pasted as i watch their tutorial vedio is not so easy.
every link i posted on facebook is been even my facebook account has be blocked because of their links.
so i manege to post some links on my twitter account and that does not generate any click,
so i decide to try the links myself, then i discovered that some links are not even valid some will response untitled , at the browser tab i will found something like this "about:blank"
so am really confuse i might the one doing the wrong thing that was when i search for a group that can help me then i was directed here. and am ready to follow every of tutor
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    I don't belong to CPAlead.

    What type of offers are you posting?

    Regardless what you do, you should at a minimum get a domain and hosting and redirect your links. That way you control the traffic and mask that they are affiliate links.
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    Just posting links to Facebook and Twitter isn't really a good way to promote cpa offers (or anything really)

    Are you open to paid traffic or only free?

    Either way, I agree, you will need to start with a domain and hosting.
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    thanks for your response,
    i have a domain but the procedure are very confusing to me and i have read many articles blogs watch guides on youtube yet not getting the logic
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    hmmmm, is that so.. ok , am open to facebook ad but the cost is high {for me as at now} as i brows through.

    either way i also have a domain name but am scared of the hosting for its very expensive,

    i registered as a blind ignorant newbie, up to $29 not knowing the person that introduce me to that use me to make a sale. and i can not continue
    with that bill monthly, the hosting only is $15 monthly.

    so it does not ignite my passion to proceed with that domain. am just bored!!
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    If you don't understand, are bored, don't like, can't afford...maybe this IM stuff is not for you...
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    IM, can't understand the stuff please
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    Read the articles on cpalead. Browse through the questions and answers on there. You will then get a better idea of how cpalead works.

    As an affiliate, I never made a dollar on there.

    I made money as an advertiser (on their cpc platform) and niche creator. So these are two extra options you can look into.

    Create a niche and others will promote it for you.

    Find profitable campaigns from other networks and advertise them on the CPC platform.

    But judging by your comments, creating a niche will be too difficult for you to begin with as you would need some coding experience.

    The CPC platform can be profitable, but you can easily lose money. Out of every 10 or so campaigns, I get 1 profitable campaign. So you would need to test and initially you will lose money until you find a winning campaign.

    Some of the niches on there (last time I checked that is) do lead to expired offers.
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    You need a coach because you are a noobie who is very afraid to spend money on paid traffic, unfortunately no one will give their time for free unless they are paid, So, you must learn and grow by failing and succeeding...
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