What kind of numbers do you need for successful arbitrage strategy?

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I'm interested in promoting content on native advertising networks like taboola, content.ad, or revcontent. These articles are the usual '30 Reasons Dazed and Confused is the Greatest Movie Ever" or something to do with celebrities. These articles would be several pages at least. The hope is obviously that people would click through page after page of the article and then move onto another one of my articles while also clicking on ads sometimes.

For anyone who is doing this type of thing, I'm curious what kind of numbers you're getting. What do you spend per click to bring in traffic and how much are you making off of each visitor on average? How many page views do you average per visitor? I'm not asking for your strategy, just curious about the kind of numbers you get so that I know what to aim for.
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    I haven't done any native advertising but I was thinking about it and was researching it until I decided not to pursue it. I don't have any numbers for you but I'm fairly positive you'll have to have a pretty good ad budget.

    I know of two courses that teach viral native ads. One is a five thousand bucks. I never heard of the guys promoting it so I wouldn't touch it regardless of the price.

    The other course is much more affordable by three gentelman who have been around a long time and are pretty well respected. The name of the course is ArbiCash. Just do a search for that and you'll find it.

    I would highly recommend looking at that course and learn as much as you can before getting started. Native ads are all about knowing your numbers and you really have to know what you're doing and have an ad budget to make money with it.

    I hope this helps and good luck,
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