CJ steady decline - (Advertiser Perspective) - Confused about affiliate marketing!

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I've been with CJ as an advertiser for many years. I have been noticing a steady decline in orders which is of course not great for business. Affiliate sales are not our main sales channel but it would be good if I could build that up.

My questions are:

Can I add as many affiliate networks to my arsenal as I wish or are these networks demanding exclusivity?

Is there a network that is best for designer services like for instance premium logo design?

My final question is to all you publishers out there. What are you looking for from an advertiser like me? What is the button I need to press to get you guys falling over yourselves to push my services? What is it you need from me to make your job easy so we can both make a bit fat pile of cash and build our reputations at the same time?

Looking forward to engaging with some experts on this subject.

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