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by EG
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I run a website which I monetize with interstitial ads such as adfly.

However adfly suffers from a terrible reputation so at some point I switched to shortest. Sadly shortest has terrible issues, including full nudity with genitalia, a definite deal breaker.

So I reverted to adfly eventually but it still has these terrible scareware campaigns. It seems like that even after all these years adfly still didn't learn how to deal with this issue which is the root of its bad reputation among end users. One might wonder if they're even trying.

So I'm still looking for an alternative that can guarantee 100% clean, scare-free and family friendly interstitial ads. If you know about one please let me know, and more importantly tell me how they meet that guarantee, what exactly do they do that adfly and shortest fail to do? Please don't think I'm a fish, don't spam and don't waste my time with suggestions that offer no guarantee.

Thank you.
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