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So I had this feeling maxbounty was shaving. So I had 10 people try 3 different offers I was running as the cr to traffic wasn't adding up. Low and behold not one of them showed to have converted . Screenshots and confirmation from all 10 that they followed every step. Now the problem lays in you can't pull them up on this as it's against their policy to interact with people that click the links and I see why know . They are in whole a good company but just be careful with how much you invest in running their offers.
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    Now, I can't comment on maxbounty since I have never advertised on there.

    I have advertised on another popular CPA network before. Sometimes, the advertisers get pixals/tracking etc set up all wrong. Because of this conversions do not register on the network. So this could potentially be the reason why.

    Or the leads were not deemed valuable by the advertisers.

    Or it could be something else.

    There is a three way partnership here; affiliate, the network, and the advertiser. The fault could lie at any three.
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      Thanks for your response , I'm not sure which it is , could be the pixels not firing. I've realised that these companies make it hard for you to figure out exactly what's going on. It's a dog eat dog business everyone is trying to make money. Just seems like it's set up more so for the companies and not the individual to make money not that I ain't made money so I suppose take the good with the bad but I think there should be some sort of way allowed for one to be able to prove offers are actually being converted I've seen people spend loads and not make money and get discouraged and I feel in a lot of companies there is selected scrubbing on higher paying leads .
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    I would also try split testing similar offer from other networks and check the outcome.
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    Are you running email / zip submits?

    They basically all suck.

    I stopped promoting them many many years ago.

    If you suspect a network is scrubbing. Go find the exact same offer on another network and run an A/B test. You may find it's the advertiser.
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