Updated list of over 40 pay per call networks/companies

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https://www.lucratel.net/signup.html - Good list of verticals, great communication from the reps. Bi-weekly payouts, with weekly payouts after quality is determined.

http://exactmatchmedia.com - Dead

https://hypertargetmarketing.com/publishers/ - over 30 offers. Some unique offers, and some very strong payouts on a few verticals.

https://astoriacompany.com/publishers/ - over 150 offers, payouts on the low side, but some good ones.

http://dwausa.com/ - over 140 offers (Direct Web Advertising) Some Unique offers, and some good payouts.

https://theleadgiant.com/publishers/ - over 30 offers. Some unique offers, I have had very good AE communication.

https://www.peakadvertisinginquiry.com/affiliates - 70+ offers

Elocal, around 50 Home Services and legal offers that are direct with contractors, and attorneys. Payouts range from small to over $200 on a rev share, up to date zip lists are easy to download with pricing so you can target the higest paying. Weekly pay with volume.

https://www.pepperjam.com/publishers/getting-started - three offers

http://qssamerica.com/company/contact-us - 30+ offers. payouts on the low end, but a few offers I have not seen anywhere else.

http://www.searchinitiatives.com/ - Still have invoca account, but looks like their affiliate end is dead.

http://www.soleo.com/contact/ - They use Invoca, but have all their offers hidden. You have to play the what do you have, what will you pay game. And they are net 60 last time I talked to them. The ones I got approved for did not have great payouts for the effort, and 6-8 I got approved for are not even active any more.

http://sharesales.com - Unique offers, and some pay per sale.

https://callmarketing.invoca.net/ - have not joined.

http://innovationdirectgroup.com/ - 16 offers

http://instantcallers.com/ - approval pending

http://creativeclicks.com/publisher-registration/ http://www.matomy.com/ - approval pending

https://www.mobilefused.com/publishers/ - approval pending

http://www.netwising.com/sell-calls/ - approval pending

http://www.ropemediahouse.com/affiliate-signup/ - approval pending

http://rtbdemand.com/pay-per-call-publishers.php - Have not applied yet.

http://www.upsnap.com/ - approval pending

https://palomobile.com/publishers/ - Just under 30 offers, but some unique, and good AE's

https://www.digitalmarketmedia.com/ - 20 something offers

https://aragon-advertising.com/ - active AE's, 70 +/- offers, with some unique ones, and some good payouts. You get their CPA/CPL networks also with tons of offers.

https://www.ringrouter.com/en/ - around 30 offers, some good payouts, no super unique programs.

http://www.livecallsnetwork.com/ - in the sign up process, had some strong offers & payouts I am interested in.

http://ringpixel.com/affiliates/ - approval pending

http://www.elite-calls.com/affsignup.php - Is partnered with XY7 Elite, very picky. And when I had an account (Lost the info), not a ton of great offers.

http://www.ringally.com/Publishers.html - does not seem to be active

http://cj.com - close to 40 offers. nothing great

http://rexdirect.com/ - http://rextopia.com/ - Not accepting publically, but contacted me.

http://maxbounty.com - 7 offers, but not known for this.

http://www.goojibear.com/ around 30 offers. Some unique with good payouts.

http://avengedigital.com - strong insurance offers, and easy to work with. I screwed up my IVR sending them crap calls, and they did not freak out. Worked with me, and all good.

https://www.insurancerevenue.com/aff...auto-insurance - Insurance offers

https://usecallbox.com/ - market place. Still in review

https://www.ringpartner.com/publishers - over 100 offers, does not look like they are accepting new affiliate right now.

http://www.glingmedia.com/#publishers - Not signed up

https://www.livelinks.com/about-us/affiliate-program - Chat pay per call. Not my niche, so have not signed up.

https://www.revimedia.com/affiliates/ - around 100 offers, just started working with them. Good AE, and some good stuff.

https://www.curadebt.com/affiliates/ - Debt & Tax pay per call ... but beware. They have screwed multiple people I know who have worked with them. I have used with for leads with no issues, so again, use at your own risk.

http://kgrcontractors.com/affiliate-devin/ - contractor pay per call, but the $4 did not personally excite me :-)

http://ringability.com/paypercall-affiliate-sign-up/ - Recently found them, have not applied yet.

If you know you can get calls in a certain vertical, let me know, I might be able to shoot you in the right direction.
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  • Thanks for this list.
    Also pointing networks that don't seems to pay was a nice one.
    Am doing research on Pay Per Call and would be glad if you mentor me.
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  • I think I can get calls on health, fitness and business vertical
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