Where do I get cheap traffic sources for low payout CPA offers

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Please I am in need of ideas on how to promote CPA offers like sweepstakes, mobile app installs and other low paying CPA offers from cheap traffic sources other than facebook and google ads which will be too expensive for them.
Better what other strategies can I use apart PPC ads to promote these CPA offers.
I will appreciate your replies.
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    You could check out bingads, they are cheaper than AdWords and much more relaxed. You could also look at ppv.
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    Start with Bingads and learn how to optimize your campaigns as it all starts from there.
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    Try native ads - cheap as dirt for a click and it still converts!

    Hope that helps
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      Originally Posted by badboy_Nick View Post

      Try native ads - cheap as dirt for a click and it still converts!

      Hope that helps
      Can you share your experience with NativeAds? Is their traffic good for all niches? Does the traffic convert for only CPA programs or is it suitable for pay-per-sale programs as well? Thanks
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    Faced the same issue recently and found out that Adscompass seems to be quite good for such needs according to my stats. Hope it'll be useful for you too. Good luck!
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    Target Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest and then others such
    as Twitter, Instagram etc.

    Tumblr and Google+ for blog postings.

    Blog commenting in your niche. Look for the top blogs in Google and make helpful
    comments about the posts. Do not spam.

    Try to guest blog on blogs in your niche. Go to the highest traffic ones if possible.
    If this is difficult, then go for medium traffic ones.

    Answer questions on Q&A sites such as Quora.

    Not usually recommended but some free classified sites may get results
    with CPA offers.

    To learn about free traffic methods, read the blogs of top online marketers such as Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward, Pat Flynn etc.

    Look for the major traffic forums in your niche and join them to answer questions
    and be helpful. Don't spam them or you will get banned!
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    I'd go with BingAds and Facebook Ads.
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    I've only recently tried bingads and so far it does better than what I expected.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Is it allowed to promote CPA offers on bingads? Or do I need to make own domain for redirect etc. ?
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    choose your keywords wisely if your keywords health is good and folks are clicking on your ads then your CPC automatically becomes lower.
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    Well i am not sure if it works but just pop up in my head about youtube ads
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