20 Year Seminar Pro Transitioning To CPA Networks

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I founded and scaled a live event company to 80+ ppl/$13M yr rev. Scripted, marketed, secured sponsors and facilitated 16 events per month in every A, B & C U.S. market.

Primary verticals were luxury real estate, mortgage & financial services. Buyer profile consisted of fairly even split among noob, $100-200K & stuck and > $200K.
Product was hybrid personal coaching/digital solution sold at $495 front/ $8500 back.
General Deliverable:
1. Skill--Business planning, activity vs. ROI analysis, mastering sales process, prospecting, follow-up, lead qualify, presentation, objection handling, securing referrals, etc.

2. Motivational IQ--Personal/professional inventory, goals, call-reluctance, arresting fears & breaking through, etc.

3. Warm referral optimization--adding value consistently, raising top of mind awareness within past clients, COI & cold inbound.

A talented young man who worked for me many years ago has earned millions running a CPA network for many years (verified income).

We've recently re-connected and he believes my ability to write & deliver biz op offer pitches (and design an all-digital deliverable) thru the network will yield enormous numbers out of gate, $200-$500K first month.

Rather than ask specific questions, I'd be truly appreciative if those warrior members with extensive experience in the vertical would offer their thoughts, feedback and a list of due diligence items I need focus upon.

True thanks!
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