Low CPC for my website DailyTenMinutes.com

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Hi guys,
for my website DailyTenMinutes.com I am having low CPC issue.
Daily visit count is 2500 with CPC $.16
Considering the fact 50% of target comes from USA, please if someone can guide me on how to improve it further.
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    what kind of traffic you are using? adsense or any network always see the qualify of the traffic not quantity

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      Thanks for your reply bro....
      i am getting organic traffic from USA.
      Should i consider facebook marketing or Google adwords (keyword approach) to get more traffic from high CPC countries?
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    Facebook marketing is nice but it costs a lot. Adwords should be able to target a certain demographic? At least I thought it could.
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    In google adwords, you can reach a specific set of potential customers who are likely to be within a particular age range, gender, parental status, or household income and also for particular location.

    You can try some of the tips that are given below:-

    1. Make sure the text on your landing page is "highlightable", so one of Google's crawlers/spiders can crawl the text and see the relevancy between your keywords, ads, and landing page.

    2. We need high quality score on all keywords.When you start creating highly targeted ads to your one keyword, then click through rate (CTR) will ultimately go up, and when CTR goes up, quality scores go up, and when quality scores go up, ad rank goes up and a lower CPC can now become a reality.

    3. Continuous addition of negative keywords allows the system to improve itself and also improve the overall health of your account.
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