Need help to increase blog revenue. 1.1M visits Last Feb. but made only $131.57 in AdSense. :(

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Hi everyone!

I am based in the Philippines and I want to ask help in increasing the revenue of our local blog. Most of my article is written in Filipino (our language). In February we reached 1.1M visits but we only made $131.57 in AdSense. I manage to optimize the Ads in March, I also enabled the AdSense Auto-ads and made $231.86 for 950.7K visits.

Currently, we have two revenue source on our blog the AdSense and MGID.

Is there any tip/advice you guys can give to increase our revenue or have an alternative Ad Network you can suggest that is perfect for this local site?

We are hoping to make more money with this number of visitors.

Thanks and regards,

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