Why I'm getting low CPC and CPM?

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Hello Everyone
I'm getting over 1k hits on my blog every day. Most of these hits are from premium countries like US, UK, Singapore etc. Why I'm getting low CPC and CPM. Average CPM on my blog remain under 0.18$ while as CPC remains under 0.5$. Please provide me with some tips to boost my earning. Thanks In Advance
My Blog Url is www.vinixen.com
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    hello dude, i did not have time to go through your website, but let me ask you are you promoting some offers on your page? Cause if it is the case, then i think you should run some good tests before choosing the offers you have in there, but also work on the posts you make over there too dude.
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    I have visited one of your articles and I am 99% sure you can multiply the CTR simply by changing the banners placements. In fact, it took me a little time just to find your banners. Well, I was looking for them, your visitors are not so it is easy for them to ignore the ads.

    The ad below the article will work, in my opinion, much better, if you place it higher - just below the last paragraph of your posts.

    The right sidebar is statistically one of the placements most affected by banner blindness. Try to use a 300 x 250 px unit directly in the article. People come to your blog because they are looking for some information. This information is in your article. They know it, therefore, they look there and not at the sidebar.
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    hello, boosting your Ad revenue require a lot of work which means more traffic and quality traffic. if you are getting traffic from search result it will be sure impact your Ads income more than lets say sharing links on social media. also, there are many other ways you can boost your earning such like trying other Ad Networks or affiliate marketing.
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    Thanks, Everyone for the Information. I got what I wanted. If someone can guide me in placement, it would be great.
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    In most cases the best place to start is CPC. Once your ad has run a while you can compare the number of impressions to the number of clicks to determine if CPM would be a less costly option. If you are tracking proper conversions, like a sale or a lead form.

    CPA bidding will most likely become your best option once you have collected enough conversion data. Make sure you start your CPA bidding with the suggested target CPA. Going with a lower CPA then the suggested can adversely affect your conversion volume.

    TechTIQ Solutions
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